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Welcome Prof. Dr. Tarini Bedi



7 June 2022

Anthropologist Prof. Dr.
Tarini Bedi, associate professor at the University of Illinois, Chicago, will be staying at the HCTS from June to July of 2022. She will be collaborating on research and teaching with Prof. Dr.
Christiane Brosius, Chair of Visual and Media Anthropology. Together, they will be organizing events in the areas of mobility studies, urban transformations, and media anthropology. 


Professor Bedi's research and teaching interests lie at the intersection of urban and political anthropology, the anthropology of infrastructure, roads and mobilities, cultural geography, and gender studies. She is also a fellow of
Tasveerghar, the digital archive of South Asian popular visual culture founded by Christiane Brosius together with
Sumathi Ramaswamy, HCTS associate member and professor of History at Duke University, and independent filmmaker
Yousuf Saeed.


Further collaborations are planned with Prof. Dr.
Ulrike Gerhard (Urban Geography, HCA, Institute of Geography), Jun.-Prof. Dr.
Soledad Álvarez Velasco (“Migration and the Americas”, HCIAS), Prof. Dr
Brigitte Soelch (Europäische Kunstgeschichte), as well as with two South Asia Institute (SAI) Professors, Prof. Dr. 
Ute Hüsken and Prof. Dr. 
Kama McLean. Another objective of her stay will be to develop research-based teaching units in conjunction with colleagues from Nepal and India in the framework of the DAAD partnership “
Urban Transformation and Placemaking: Fostering Learning from South Asia and Germany”.


Prof. Tarini Bedi’s fellowship is supported by the International Office at University of Heidelberg as well as the University of Heidelberg's Excellence Strategy.