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The Center for East Asian Studies, is a university research institute.

Established by the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid in 1992, it is the first institution of its kind created in Spain. It aims to promote research and teaching around the different social, cultural, economic and political facets that characterize the countries of East Asia, with special reference to China and Japan.

Until its creation, the academic activities related to China and Japan, which since 1985 were carried out at the Autonomous University of Madrid, were held in different areas of knowledge within the social sciences and the humanities. The Center for the Study of Eastern Asia has created a pioneering institution capable of sponsoring and coordinating these efforts, serving as a reference both to the Spanish university community and to all the public and private entities in the country.

From the establishment of the East Asian Studies Center, it was proposed to obtain the means to adopt basic infrastructure, to coordinate all available human resources and to initiate the proper academic and research activities of the culture, society and economy of China and Japan . Subsequently two degrees were launched: the Diploma of Undergraduate of Chinese Language and Culture and the Diploma of Undergraduate of Japanese Language and Culture, pioneers in the Spanish universities. Later he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in East Asian Studies, a second cycle degree. Due to various changes in curricula, these qualifications mentioned above are no longer taught.

Currently, the Center for East Asian Studies has specialized research staff and teachers in China and Japan who collaborate with various organizations such as the Ibero-American Research Network on East Asian Studies and the writing of its academic journal, or others such as the Japan Foundation with Who collaborates in the realization of the Japanese-Language Proficiency Test or Noken.

The staff of the center is also in charge of the current degrees:

  • Degree in Asian and African Studies: Arabic, Chinese and Japanese.
  • Doctoral Program in Human Sciences: Geography, Anthropology and Studies in Africa and Asia.
  • Soon will have a master's degree in East Asian Studies.

The Center also promotes cooperation activities with East Asia and manages the activities and exchanges of agreements with universities in China and Japan.

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Contact details

Centro de Estudios de Asia Oriental
Calle Francisco Tomás y Valiente
Campus de Cantoblanco. Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
28049 Madrid Madrid


(+34) 91 497 46 95


Taciana Fisac
Director of the Center for Oriental Studies at the Autonomous University of Madrid
Professor of East Asian Studies