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The French Academic Network for Asian Studies (GIS Asie) was created in 2013 and is based on the preexisting “Réseau Asie,” created in 2001 which is a network of 2,750 experts on Asia: scholars, lecturers, professors, research fellows, PhD students and postdoctoral researchers, who mostly work for research institutions, learned societies and scientific association.

The overarching aim of the French Academic Network for Asian Studies is to bring together, coordinate and support the institutions and communities in the field of Asian studies that have a connection with France.

GIS Asie includes 1,130 scholars, in 30 research teams located in France, Belgium and Asia. There is no regional focus. Researchers are working in a wide range of countries between Central Asia and Japan. For more details on each research team:

Researchers members of the GIS Asie have expertise in various fields and one or several of the 50 countries comprising Asia (South Asia, Southeast Asia, East Asia, Central Asia).

The GIS Asie has acts in 3 directions:

  • Federate scholarly research on Asia in the humanities and social sciences, and encourage disciplinary, thematic, spatial and institutional transversality
  • Support young researchers in the early stages of their careers; contribute to the training of students in Asian Studies;
  • Foster international visibility, exposure and collaborations for the teams and institutions of the network, with a particular focus on the European scale and in Asia. 




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