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The IRSEA is dedicated to the research, analysis and discussion of fundamental economic and socio – political issues in Europe and Asia, such as political developments, demographic trends and their effect on migration, monetary and financial systems in emerging countries, energy problems in the two regions, business globalization, including the labor market, cultural exchanges, rapid economic growth in Asia, environment and pollution, other regional and international topics.

The positive developments promoted by Asia - Europe Meeting (ASEM) and by the dialogue partnership between EU and ASEAN have generated the to-day trend of approaching between Europe and Asia, ever more visible than ever.

The initiative to found in May, 2008, the Romanian Institute for Europe-Asia Studies – IRSEA ( Institutul Roman de Studii Euro-Asiatice) has been inspired by these developments as well as by the place and role of Romania as partner in both ASEM and EU-ASEAN dialogue partnership.

IRSEA is built on the system of a think-tank for important and responsible activities of the “track two diplomacy” with an aim to bring its contribution for promoting the values of Europe in Asia and those of Asia in Europe, being a strong believer of the reciprocal benefits of a more consolidated partnership between Europe and Asia.

IRSEA is working for a more robust interaction between Europe and Asia desiring at the same time to promote Romanian vision in the world by research and academic activities.  

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George Savuica
President IRSEA
Former Ambassador
Specialist on Southeast Asia